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Özden Bademci, Ph.D.
Phone: +902166261050/2212
Maltepe University, Istanbul-Turkey


2010-Present Founder Director of Maltepe University Research and Application Centre for Street Children, Istanbul, Turkey,

2009-Present Lecturer in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Psychology


09.2006 -11.2010 PhD in Migration, University of Kent, UK
Thesis: Working with Vulnerable: Listening to the Views of the Service Providers
Working With Street Children in Istanbul
10.1998 - 07.2002 MA in Psychoanalytic Studies, Tavistock Clinic, University of East London, UK
Thesis: The Story of a Baby Born into a Refugee Family As Seen Through Two Years of Infant Observation
09.1992 – 06.1996 Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Ege University, Turkey


Education UK Alumni 2017 Social Impact Award

Journal Articles in English

Bademci, H. Ö., Karadayı, E. F., Pur Karabulut, İ. G., Bağdatlı Vural, N. (2017) “The Prevention of Early School Leaving by Increasing Students’ Self-Esteem”, Turkish Psychological Articles (in press)
Bademci, H. Ö., Karadayı, E. F., Pur Karabulut, İ. G., Warfa, N. & Kurt, Z.(2017) “Improving Psychosocial Well-Being of Child Laborers & Young People Who Are Engaged in Low Income Economic Activities in Istanbul, Turkey”, Child and Youth Services, ID: 1310618 DOI:10.1080/0145935X.2017.1310618
Bademci, H. Ö., Karadayı, E. F., Pur Karabulut, İ. G., & Warfa, N. (2016). “Who is the helper? Who is being helped? The benefits of psychosocial support to correctional officers in Turkey”. Psychodynamic Practice, 1-15.
Bademci, H. Ö., Karadayı, E. F., & Vural, N. B. (2016). Exploring school exclusion through the perspective of child labourers living in Sultanbeyli, on the periphery of Istanbul, Turkey. International Journal of Educational Development, 50, 51-58.
Çolakoğlu, E. T., Bademci, H. Ö., Karadayı, E. F., (2016) “Determining Effects of Self – Concept, Early Maladaptıve Schemas, Perceived Parenting Styles on Interpersonal Relationships in Young Adults”, Maltepe University FEF Journal, 1+2 2015
Bademci, H. Ö., Karadayı, E. F., & de Zulueta, F. (2015). Attachment intervention through peer-based interaction: Working with Istanbul's street boys in a university setting. Children and Youth Services Review, 49, 20-31.
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Bademci, H. Ö. (2013) "What Happens if a Mother Plays for Herself: Mother-Son Interaction as Seen through One Year Young Child Observation", The International Journal of Social Sciences (ISI), (7) 1, 188- 193
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Bademci, H. Ö., (2011) "Working with Autistic Children through the Spectrum of Psychoanalytic Concepts", "Procedia-Social and Behavioural Journal (ISSN: 1877-0428) 816-819 pp., İstanbul, (ISSN: 1877-0428)
Bademci, H. Ö., (2010) “Inclusion or Exclusion: Service provision for street children: Reproducing Marginalisation”, 12th Annual Children’s Identity & Children’s Citizenship (CiCe) in Europe Conference, Mayıs, 2010, Barselona, İspanya
Book Chapters in English
Gokler Danışman, I. & H. Ö. Bademci, (2013) Eds: U. Schrader, V. Fricke, D. Doyle, V. W. Thoresen, Enabling Responsible Living (Enabling Responsible Living by Increasing Social Awareness: Integrating Social Responsibility Projects Into Undergraduate Curriculum), 129-143 pp., Berlin/Heidelberg, Springer, ISBN-10: 3642220479, ISBN-13: 978-3642220470,
Bademci, H. Ö., Kanlıkılıçer, P., Benbasa, D. (2012) Eds: J. Aarssen and N. van Oudenhoven, New Horizons A Fresh Look at Early Childhood Development in Turkey (Engaging Parents in New ECD Trends), 71-78 pp., ISBN 978-605-63035-0-0,

Selected Conference Papers in English

Bademci, H. Ö., (2016) “Creative Arts, Psychological Intervention and Advocacy: Working with Street Involved Children in Psychosocially Safe Space”, ECREA 2016 preconference: Research of Children, Youth and Media, Prag, 8 November 2016,
Bademci, H. Ö., (2016) “Working with Traumatized Youth”, The Katholische Stiftungsfachhochschule München (KSFH), Benediktbeuern, Germany, 28 April, 2016
Bademci, H. Ö. (2016) “SOYAÇ Model: Psychoanalytically Informed Intervention in Non- clinical Settings”, the Katholische Stiftungsfachhochschule München (KSFH), Munich, Germany, 29 April 2016
Bademci, H. Ö. (2016) “Media and Emerging Pedagogy”, V. International School Psychology Symposia Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul, 25-26 March,
Bademci, H. Ö., Karadayı, F., (2014) “Importance of Combining Theory and Practice in the Higher Education: Working with Socially Excluded People at a University Setting ”International Valorisation Conference “Key Methodology to Successful Competence Based Learning”, 16-18 October 2014, Istanbul,
Bademci, H. Ö., Karadayı, F., (2014) “What Makes children Want to Learn? Working with Street Children at a University”, The World Conference on Psychology, Counselling and Guidance, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, pp. 651-655, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 01 - 03 Mayıs 2014
Bademci, H. Ö., (2014) “The Phenomenon of Street Children in Turkey: Innovative Practices with Street-Involved Children”, Enforcing International Labour Standards and Combating Labour Trafficking: Multidisciplinary Approaches, International Workshop, Johns Hopkins, School of Advanced International Studies, Istanbul, 7-8 January,
Bademci, H. Ö., Roberts, J., Karadayı F. (2013) Experiential-Interactive Workshop: "Innovative Practices With Street Working Children And Their Families in Turkey And Latin America", at the 8th Congress of the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA), Istanbul, 24-27 October 2013,
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Bademci, H. Ö., and Acicbe, Ö (2011) " Changing Role of a Psychologist in a Competitive Education System: Inclusion or Exclusion in the Turkish Education System”, 14th Biennial Conference of the International Society for Theoretical Psychology, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2011 June 2011,
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Gokler, I. and Bademci, H. Ö., (2011). “Enabling Responsible Living By Increasing Social Awareness: Integrating Social Responsibility Projects Into Undergraduate Curriculum” PERL International Conference, Enabling Responsible Living, Istanbul, March 2011,
Bademci, H. Ö., and Gokler, I. (2011). “Developing The Curriculum with NGS’s: Youth Re-Autonomy Project”, CICE Regional Conference ‘Globolocal Citizenship ’, Coimbra, Portugal, January 2011,
Bademci, H. Ö., (2010). “Inclusion or Exclusion: Service provision for street children: Reproducing Marginalisation”, 12th Annual Children’s Identity & Children’s Citizenship (CiCe) in Europe Conference, Barcelona, Spain, May 2010,



“Erasmus+ K3 “Emphatic and Supportive Teachers – Key to Quality and Efficiency in Education” (EMPAQT) Project”: Partner countries: Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, Malta, and Romania. The overall aim of the project is to contribute to creation of learning environments that foster equity and inclusion, where disadvantaged learners receive the support they need to succeed and feel respected and valued. To achieve this aim the project endeavours to set up a teachers’ training program, tailored to build up educators’ skills for supporting students’ personal development, for identifying and redressing concrete difficulties experienced by students at risk of early school leaving and of social exclusion.


“‘Bachelor’s Plus Program: Migration and Globalization”, in collaboration with Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, funded by DAAD.


“Safe Families Safe Children International Coalition for Street Children” 1 is an international group of renowned child rights organisations, working globally over the last 20 years to research, develop and implement effective methodologies to empower street-involved children and their families.

“’My Istanbul Photography Workshop” was realised with street youth within the scope of the ‘’To Gather with Children Project’’, being run since the 2010-2011 in cooperation with the state run care organisations. The project was funded by British Community Council. At the end of the project “My Istanbul Photography Album” was published in English and in Turkish.

“Cultural Open Doors Event Project” was carried out with 10 students from Avans University (Holland) in cooperation with Kartal Municipality, Istanbul. 10 Dutch students worked with disable people and 10 preschool children from dysfunctional families. The Project ended with an international festival in which all Erasmus students at Maltepe University took part as well as Turkish students.

“Infant Massage Training”: Infant Massage trainer Ewa Westman from International Association of Infant Massage gave trainings to 20 undergraduate psychology students. As a part of the training, students did their compulsory practice with economically disadvantaged mothers and their babies. At the end of the training all students become internationally recognised infant massage instructor.

Shoreditch Trust, London: Worked in educational and community projects and organized serious workshops for both refuges and the teaching staff.

SELECTED NATIONAL PROJECTS The results of the projects reported below published in respected scientific journals in English


“Youth Together from High School to University”, carried out in a vocational high school in a district of Istanbul in coordination with district governorship. The aim of the project is to support students who are at the risk of early school leaving by supporting their cognitive, psychological, and social development with the active involvement of Turkish graduate/ post graduate psychology students and German undergraduate social work students so that they can feel valued and contained. The project also aims the families of the students to have access to the services provided by the District Directorate of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies Istanbul Provincial Directorate.


“Youth for Youth Project” was carried out at a vocational training centre located in one of the most disadvantaged districts of Istanbul, with the children and young people who were working long hours with little pay and experienced physical and psychological violence at work. The psychosocial intervention consisted of a peer-based supportive model where University students were supervised by university staff to provide vulnerable children and young people with emotional support through attachment relationships, both one-to-one and in groups. The project was funded by Istanbul Development Agency.


Together with Children Project was carried in cooperation with state-run care institutions to give psychosocial support to street children. The Project was carried out in the university campus and oriented to forming attachment relationship with undergraduate psychology students of the same age group and by creating an environment of social and emotional security.

Psychosocial Support to Correctional Officers Working in Youth Detention Centre: Weekly meetings were held to provide a secure environment, a breathing space where correctional officers were able to exchange ideas, share their experiences, expectations and roles. The project also aimed to raise awareness of the conscious and unconscious factors influencing the decision making processes of the officials, and in relation to the work they are doing for young inmates.

Psychosocial Support to Chechen Refugees Project was carried out in cooperation with Caucasus Forum in a Chechen Refugee Camp in Istanbul. Psychosocial and educational support was provided with refuges and helped them to have access to existing services.

Youth Re-Autonomy Project was carried out in collaboration with the Youth Re-Autonomy Foundation of Turkey. The main purpose of the project was to contribute to the post-release social adjustment of the children and adolescents detained in the youth detention centre, by promoting their social, emotional and cognitive development through the use of various group activities.


12. 2013 Avans University of Applied Sciences, Netherland
05. 2013 Ecole Supérieure en Travail Educatif et Social, (E.S.T.E.S) France
02. 2012 Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Science, Germany
03. 2010 Avans University of Applied Sciences, Netherland


Journal of Offender Rehabilitation
Children and Youth Services Review
Child Abuse & Neglect
Journal of Research in Childhood Education
Child and Youth Services
Maltepe University FEF Journal


02.2013 “Video Interaction Guidance”, Tavistock Clinic, London
05.2009 “Wait, Watch, Wonder” by Prof. Nancy Cohen at Yeditepe University, Istanbul
08.2009 “Incredible Years Parenting Program”, Child Health Foundation, Istanbul
03.2007 “Infant Mental Health and Work With Under Fives: Tavistock Model”, Tavistock Clinic, London
05.2005 “Certificate of Weschler Intelligence Test”, Turkish Psychological Association, Istanbul, Turkey
04.2005 “Working with Children Who Have Emotional, Behavioural and Social Difficulties”, The Learning Trust, London
07.2005 “Diploma in Baby Massage”, British School of Yoga, London, England
06.2004 “Certificate of Proficiency in English”, University of Cambridge
07.2003 “Qualified Teacher Status: Theory & Skills Training, Empower Company, London
08.2002 “Certificate in Emotional Factors in Learning and Teaching Counselling Aspects in Education”, University of East London, Tavistock Clinic, London,
07.2001 “Specific Learning Difficulties Course”, Hackney Professional Development, London
06.1996 “Teaching Qualification in Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Logic”, Ege University, Izmir, Turkey
12.1997 “Certificate of Management Skills, Strategic Management and Planning, Marketing and Promotion, Information Technology”, Middlesex University, London,


2002-present Tavistock Society of Psychotherapist and Allied Professionals
2004-present Member of British School of Yoga
2008-present Member of Turkish Psychological Association
2010-present Children’s Identity and Children’s Citizenship European Association (CiCea)
2011-present Safe Families Safe ChildrenInternational Coalition for Street Children

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