Roundtable on the problems of early school leaving within the framework of the XVI National Pedagogical forum

"Strategies, policies, practices in terms of educational reform"

Roundtable on "Prevention of ESL by creating an attractive learning environment" was carried out in the frames of the XVI National pedagogical forum "Strategies, policies, practices in terms of educational reform", organized by the Department of information and in-service teacher training at Trakia University - Stara Zagora.
The forum is held annually and gathers teachers, researchers and educators, giving them opportunity to share good educational practices and to take part in various discussion sessions. The topics for discussion during the forum this year were specified with the participation of the Regional inspectorate on Education in Stara Zagora and Mrs. Penka Ivanova, Director of "Formation, analysis and evaluation of policies" department at the Ministry of Education.
The forum was opened by Mrs. Milka Kodzhabashieva, Director of "Training and Career Development" department at the Ministry of Education, who presented the main points of the new state educational standard for the career development of teachers, directors and other pedagogical specialists.
The roundtable "Prevention of ESL by creating an attractive learning environment" allowed participants to present different perspectives based on their personal and professional experience, place of residence (large city, town, village), professional skills, the needed support for personal development of students. The results and conclusions of the discussion were summarised and will be included in the country report on the current state of the ESL in Bulgaria, a fundamental tool in making recommendations for the preparation of the EMPAQT teacher training program.

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